Meet Our Sister Company

Partners in Health: Lifeworx Fitness

In 2016, we were lucky enough to partner with Mary Burks, owner and coach, and Danielle Burks, manager and coach, of Lifeworx Fitness. All of our workouts are meant to be done 1 - 2/week in addition to other fitness training. Lifeworx classes are the perfect addition! At Lifeworx, you are a valuable member of a fitness-based community, dedicated to helping each other live longer, healthier and happier lives.  They embrace the integration of fitness in our everyday lifestyles, and they firmly believe that joining this community will inspire you to do the same. At Lifeworx, each member plays an integral part in supporting one another, challenging one another and enjoying the process as they come together in an effort to become the best version of ourselves, both inside and outside the gym. With a class schedule featuring over a multitude of classes, including days and times, you're sure to find one that works for you.

Go to the Lifeworx homepage to find out more information!