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Blaze Cadre

Offering the Support that Future Firefighters and Athletes Need


Shay Mountford (they/them)

Retired Firefighter, Mentor 

In 2022, I officially retired as a Firefighter/Engineer, with over 20 years in the fire service and 26 years as an EMT. During my career, on top of regular firefighter duties, I often taught in academies, proctored on oral board panels, and was chair of the department's diversity initiative. I also hold 3 California state fire instructor certifications.


I have a huge amount of passion and love for my family and friends. I love teaching and motivating anybody, especially those who want to become firefighters. I have an amazing spouse along with two sons and three cute pups who keep me on my toes.  

Additional Staff and Mentors

Our cadre would not be complete without our past Blaze athletes and current firefighters from fire departments across the Bay Area.

Kristi Mountford (she/her)

Life and Fitness Coach
Operations Manager

Born and raised in San Jose, I still love the Bay Area. I spent many years in the corporate world until I gained a passion for helping others with their mental health and fitness. At Blaze of Glory Fitness, I help our clients get to that next better version of themselves and get them in the best shape for academy!

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